Cathedral Records exists to cultivate a creative, collaborative, and productive environment for songwriters by providing access to affordable recording facilities, networking opportunities, educational workshops, and promotion in order for aspiring musicians and enthusiasts alike to fulfill the measure of their creative ambitions.


We strive to provide aspiring songwriters with the tools they need in order to be heard. Whether that is recording in a quiet, private project studio or if you want an extra set of ears to help mix what you've already recorded. We can help with promotion, publishing and are looking forward to hosting a series of educational workshops and a podcast. Contact us to see how we can help you.


Not everyone has all the tools they need to fully realize their songs as they imagine them. Still more of us have many tools, but may be lacking the one for a particular project. Below is some of the gear we have available for your enjoyment:

  • Ableton Live 9 Suite with a library of thousands of sounds and effects
  • An armada of guitars and stompboxes
  • Loads of mics for vocals, instruments, and percussion
  • A midi drum kit, with many virtual kits
  • An 88 key weighted midi keyboard